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Developing Coastal Storm Will Bring Variety of Weather Hazards to Eastern U.S.

Developing Coastal Storm Will Bring Variety of Weather Hazards to Eastern U.S.

The storm system that brought heavy snow to parts of the southern Plains will continue to develop as it moves up the Eastern Seaboard late Friday into Saturday. The system has the potential to bring a wintry mix of precipitation to the mid-Atlantic and New England, although it is not expected to be a major snow producer, along with heavy rain and isolated severe thunderstorms across the Southeast.

A deep upper trough currently swinging through the Southern Plains willcontinue to have access to abundant moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. Thiswill make the advancing system quite the precipitation maker as itgradually lifts up the Eastern Seaboard. As the associated area of lowpressure lifts through the Carolinas late Friday night, continuedintensification is expected which will begin to increase the wind fieldaround the system. A fairly healthy swath of rainfall is forecast tostretch from the eastern Gulf Coast up along a majority of the East Coast.1 to 2 inches of rainfall should be expected through Sunday morning.Meanwhile, enough cold air wrapping around on the back side of this systemshould spread measurable snows from the Central Appalachians up acrosssections of the Mid-Atlantic and into coastal New England. Additionally,along the rain/snow line will be a mixture of precipitation types whichmay include freezing rain and sleet. The intrusion of maritime air into the mix will make this an eventconsisting of multiple precipitation types. This image was taken by GOES East at 1715Z on January 23, 2015.

Courtesy of NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory